We offer a unique blend of services that gives our clients a definite advantage…


Great concepts are subsequently lost in the hands of creative geniuses, everyday…


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Presenting opportunities for strategic partnerships with top brands and companies…

Public Relations

Creation, implementation of specialized targeted public relations strategies…

Event Management

Having an event is the perfect opportunity to increase supporters and…

Business Development

Initializing strategic partnerships with other brands in ways that help…


Bookings, guerrilla marketing, direct marketing, sponsorships…


integrating your kit with your image, website and …

Image Consulting

You are the image, the brand and how you are perceived is the lasting impression…


Since our humble beginnings Your Unfinished Business has focused on being a quality boutique public affairs firm that focuses on resolving the challenges of our clients. We have over 15 years in brick and mortar along with non profit background to assist our client’s needs.  Having been in the trenches  our specialty is business development and execution.

We are a full service public affairs firm that takes pride in our creativity and responsiveness. When it comes to connecting with critical audiences, our reach stretches from the traditional to the cutting edge. We have been on the ground, at the table and everywhere in between. We believe it is our responsibility to absorb every detail and nuance of your issue and make your cause our own. This approach has enabled us to influence public opinion, gain nationwide media coverage, achieve legislative victories, and ultimately, amplify our clients’ success beyond what they thought possible.

YUBpr understands the value of emerging media, traditional print and broadcast coverage and educates clients on the importance of their social media presence in today’s competitive market. It is this innovative approach that allows YUBpr to help brands, from the relatively unknown to the already well-established, break through the clutter.

public-relations-company-phillyPublic Relations

Creation, implementation of specialized targeted public relations strategies based on clients needs to generate top placement in online, print and broadcast media.

  • Access to media professionals and journalists through our extensive personal contacts
    Coordinating and managing events
  • Consultation and education on the importance of an online presence in an increasingly web-driven social society
  • Extensive knowledge of best practices in all popular social media channels
  • Creation of strategy and timelines for social media campaigns so that there is consistency in brand tone/voice and frequent content being posted
  • Creation of optimized Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and unique Hashtags to help reach a target audience at the grassroots level


Events are important, but only should be used to further advance your mission or cause.  A corporation should not have an event just to have an event.  Having an event is the perfect opportunity to increase supporters, additional resources and increased impact for your organization. When we partner , we will help you achieve your objective.  Every step  taken brings them closer to your mission.


  • event-management-philadelphiaEvent Creation: developing and working with the client on a press-worthy concept
  • Event Production: for fashion shows, private parties, new product launches, performances, special events, and trade shows
  • Pre-Production Services: site inspections, negotiating rates, vendor recommendations, music and catering we also work with STATION AVENUE a LEADER in the INDUSTRY
  • Event Planning: timeline logistics, staffing & branding coordination
  • Invitations: design, distribution and guest list management
  • Celebrity and VIPs: invites and procurement of high profile appearances and performances
    Press Coverage for Events: including photographers, print press and broadcast media
  • Gift Bag Fulfillment: acquiring & compiling promotional items for gifting
  • Securing Sponsorships: to assist with funding, liquor promotions and giftbags for events
    Event Execution: bringing the event concept on paper to life!

With over 15 plus years of experience in the industry we are your warriors

Talent Acquisition

Singer, Actress, Host & Brand Influencer  Lauren Mayhew has starred in Universal’s ‘American Pie,’ Showtime’s ‘Dexter,’ & ‘CSI.’ Hosted – NBC’s ‘ Access Hollywood’ & WWE Smackdown is our new client in our talent division. Influencer with over 100k following, DJ spinning the beats,  √ out her utube with her newest DJ mix

business-developmentBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

While Fogetta our Rhode Island Red might have lost her head in the pepper plant in business there is no reason for you to. Initializing strategic partnerships with other brands in ways that help increase public awareness and/or drive sales for your organization or cause.

  • Coordinating, producing and managing events
  • Presenting opportunities for strategic partnerships with top brands and companies
  • Hosting influencer meet-ups to introduce them to your brand and/or company in an interactive way through various sources
  • Initializing strategic partnerships with other brands in ways that help increase public awareness and/or drive sales.
  • Press kit development

Crisis Management

Then you already know that crisis can happen to any company, at any time. But effective crisis management means more than just acknowledging the likelihood of crisis. Crisis management takes a thorough understanding of both the nature of crisis and the stages of crisis management.

These are the steps~

  • The importance of openness, transparency, authenticity and accountability
  • Understanding stakeholder expectations during a crisis
  • The importance of speed, and who should respond
  • Responding to internally vs. externally caused crises
  • Recovering respect and trust after a crisis
  • How to avoid crises with proper preparation and prevention
~~ The build-up stage
When you might see hints or clues of a potential crisis appearing in media outlets. At this stage, you should be looking for the repetition of certain trigger themes, repeated messages describing symptoms or precursors to a crisis.
~~ The impact stage
or the Acute Crisis, when one of the triggers has developed into a full-bore crisis. Often the shortest stage in the crisis lifecycle, the impact stage tends to result in the most physical, fiscal, emotional, and reputational damage to a company. Companies can usually expect the most media scrutiny during this phase of the life-cycle.
~~ The Chronic Crisis stage
the company at this juncture may suffer through any lingering effects of the acute crisis, which can be physical restoration, legal action, or public activism. Media coverage, at this juncture, tends to focus on blame and responsibility.
~~ The Resolution stage
the crisis no longer impairs the organization’s operations or directly impacts the public. The risk at this stage is that the crisis remains latent, with the potential to strike again to even more devastating effects.

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