What a fun morning it was at WFMZ located in Allentown as we were in the Sunrise Kitchen with Chef Doyle and Co-Owner of Joe Jurgielewicz & Son LTD . It was all duck, nothing but duck with Chef Doyle preparing his recipes he uses at his restaurant Savory Grille.

The brand is located in Sharltesville, Pa employs over 200 local Pennsylvanians along with partnerships with 27 farms and is the largest supplier of Pekin duck throughout the country . This 4th generational business also has on staff   2 24/7 round the clock veterinarians along with a Duck Welfare officer and is the only farm in the nation to do so. The Jurgielewicz ducks are free roaming in large temperature controlled barns on the farm and are fed only a nutritious diet of corn and soybeans.


We hope we took all your fears away  this morning!   So get your duck on at www.tastyduck.com or make a reservation at Savory Grille